Energy in Motion
Wienberg Sister Collaboration
Visualising emotions and other things unseen Rakel and Sarah Wienberg are South London-based artists and also sisters. Their collaboration has sprung from a close relationship and ongoing conversation between the two where they've seen their work move closer to each other's, often experiencing degrees of synchronicity and overlap in ideas and work. As a result they decided to move into a collaborative partnership.  They combine interests and skills by overlaying  Rakel's movement based photography with Sarah's charcoal drawings, and adding watercolour marks and sweeping brushstrokes over the final prints and drawings making all works unique and hand finished. Between them a visual language emanating emotion and movement is organically taking form and together they weigh in on exploring and integrating their human emotional experience.
Kattegat - a strip of the ocean that connects the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. I grew up swimming in this body of water every summer. My peak memories are holding on to the back of my dad or my uncle as they would swim out to where I couldn't touch the bottom with my toes. It was exhilarating to be playing out of my depth. I'm now working on tracking down that fearless kid in myself again as decades on this planet has caused me to be overwhelmed by so many things including this colossal, beautiful ocean that used to bring me such joy. Below is a collection of seascapes photographed during different seasons on my trips back home to Denmark. I hope as an old lady, I'll swim along this shore every day - all the way out where I can't touch the bottom.
Emotions Are Not Aerodynamic
Soul Digging
Digging Souls Out from Space is a project based on thoughts around the disorientation and brutality that often goes hand in hand with trying to bring a life into the world. For so many people, this is everything but what we've been sold by our culture: painful, primal, bloody and for many a journey filled with more actual death than life.
Moving Stills
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