I Want...
- To make visuals that bring value to your business and brand. 

- To provide you with a set of images that you can use again and again for your website and social media. 
I am from Denmark and immigrated to England in 2004. I graduated with a Digital Video and Media Production Degree in 2010 (BA Hons, Distinction). Then my fixation was experimental film and documentary portraits. It was only in 2019 I dug out my old, neglected Canon and started to discover how a single frame or composition can hold stories, emotion and abundant movement. I started selling my prints out in the physical world in 2022 and have since joined several shows, collectives and most recently a gallery in Croydon. 

If you choose to work with me, you'll find that
I have real problems stopping taking pictures again once I've got myself started.
I love experimenting!
I am not a perfectionist (it's a good thing, you guys!)

When I don't take photos
I love noodling in Photoshop, journaling (the jumbled kind mostly undated to drive myself crazy), drawing and binge watching TV-series - an underestimated pastime in my opinion. I also have a 5 year old, so I do all of the above when she sleeps. 

Visit my Etsy shop here: WienbergPhotoArt

My photo art, projects and experiments can be seen through the links below and are sold as prints in small editions.
 instagram profile @rakberg
And one more thing, this year my sister and myself started to collaborate, find us here:
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